Brixton: Lush, Bright and Abundantly Rich With Beer

Mixed messages on the regional slang here. Gurt Lush originates from Bristol/Somerset, whilst Verdant (adjective: of countryside, green with grass or other rich vegetation, of the bright green colour of lush grass) Brewing come from Cornwall.

But it’s fine – I’m basically from the Forest of Dean, which has the most inpenetrable, confusing, local dialect going – all aboard the broad church of the West Country slang bus!

Pertinent nonetheless – we’ve got lots of new Verdant beer this week. And it is lush. Gert lush, you might say.

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As that intro alluded to – Verdant is king this week. We’ve got ‘As Is’ (collab with KCBC), Quiet Charge, Bloom, Headband and Track&Field – all of which are IPA’s and Pale Ales. Still some quite varied things going on here….exploration is key.

Whilst they’ve been consistently canning for a while longer, Cloudwater (AKA 2nd best brewery in the world) continue to pump out gold. There’s a new DIPA, IPA and Small Beer (low abv) amongst others.

New brewery hitting shelves this week and the first representation for Switzerland in Ghost Whale – Brasserie Trois Dames. They’ve graced us with a Bretted Cognac Barrel-Aged Sour in big bottles and an equally beautiful Raspberry Saison. Don’t overlook these.

Also new to our shelves this week, but somewhat closer to home is Mobberley Brewing. We’ve got sweet new fresh 440ml cans of Shooting Fish (SIPA) Mans Got Hop Quad Hopped (SIPA). Killer stuff.

Also fresh this week is a drop of new Wylam and Unbarred cans. Don’t even doubt how killer any of these are. Just click the links for all the info and purchase hard and freely, like the strong beasts of beer that you are. Pounce.