Ghost Whale Big Bottle Offer - Cigar City Raspberry Halo.


Cigar City’s amazing Raspberry Halo at cost price throughout June.

Last month you may have seen that we launched our Big Bottle PIF (Pay It Forward) offer, giving you a bottle from the top shelf at cost price. The Bruery’s Jardinier was a sell out (literally) success in May and now that we’ve ticked over into June, so too does the beer.

It’s officially the start of meteorological summer and un-officially the start of raspberry season. Whilst this may well have you clambering for the nearest can of the delicious Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin for your low abv fruity summer hit, why not go and pick up a bottle of Cigar City’s seriously big Raspberry Halo. This Imperial Stout really is something special! Silky smooth, rich with roasted coffee on the nose and packed with enough (er) raspberry’s to cut through the dark chocolatey base of this beer. The pinky/red hew to the head of this beer really is a Raspberry Halo.

We’ll be selling this bottle at cost price in store only throughout June. You could be generous and buy this to share with friends or simply keep it all to yourself. Either way we don’t make a penny on this because big beer should be for everyone! When it’s gone it’s gone.