We at Ghost Whale pride ourselves on our substantial collection of eclectic craft beers. With a consistent range of over 500 brews, trying everything that passes through our fridges is a tough task, but we do give it a good whirl!

Amidst our efforts to stay up-to-date with the vast amount of fresh nectar flowing through our doors every week, it’s always nice to take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to have the opportunity to sample splendid beers from throughout the UK, across Europe, and the United States. With this in mind, we pulled together a list of extraordinary beers from this past summer. So, after careful consideration, here are the Ghost Whale team’s standout beers of the summer!

Stuart: Burning Sky – Petite Cerise

Burning Sky - Petit Cerise

“The Petite Cerise was banging. Super light, delicate, subtle, and something I could smash several pints of on a hot summers day!”

Ray: Azvex – Mana

Azvex - Mana

“Probably the thickest ‘beer’ I’ve ever had! A 6% tropical fruit smoothie… Delicious, and one of your five a day, right?”

Georgia: Whiplash – Setting Sun

“This was exactly what a good Double IPA should be. Super fruity, with a delicious hop hit. Lush!”

Daniel: De Kromme Haring – BA Beluga (Ruadh Moar)

“Great Imperial Stout that is both smoky and peaty, something I find to be a big gap in the stout market.”

Dan: Left Handed Giant x Verdant x DEYA – High Dive

“Just look at that brewery lineup! Juicy, tropical, and dangerously drinkable for a Double IPA.”

Jenny: Nothing Bound – Interstellar Burst

Nothing Bound - Interstellar Burst

“One of the first beers we tried from Nothing Bound was this dank, juicy, and incredibly well-balanced IPA. Absolutely loved it.”

Erik: Marlobobo – Golden Tears

“So thick and beautifully balanced. A barrel-aged chocolate cake! This was just plain outstanding. Easy choice for me.”